Sunday, October 20, 2013

NCTM Conference

Just spent Thursday and Friday at the NCTM Regional Conference in Baltimore. No point mincing words: I saw some amazing, and some not-so-amazing presentations, but I definitely learned something from all of them. The first session that I attended was probably my favorite: Meaningful Models and Productive Projects for Geometry. I learned how to make a tetrahedra using an envelope, and how to make a truncated tetrahedra using a circle. Probably going to use the latter for enrichment in a few weeks. I just like making my kids make stuff... they think it's cool, too. :) Best part of the conference was probably talking to the people in the exhibits. The people at the 24 exhibit gave me a set of 24 and made me feel appreciated as a future teacher. :) Were YOU at the Baltimore conference? What did you learn about?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Linear Equations Foldable

A lot of people think that geometry and algebra are very different... but there are many overlaps! My mentor and I just spent ~3 weeks reviewing linear equations with our geometry students, and it has been a PAIN: it's kinda amazing how much students forget what they learned the previous year. Even as we reviewed slope and parallel/perpendicular line[ segment]s, I got more and more frustrated with my students who would get the rules mixed up after working with parallel/perpendicular line[ segment]s for a week--they needed to take the notes on the material.

So, we created a foldable for our classes, and I thought that I'd share. Enjoy! :)